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We firmly believe that certain organically grown mushrooms can greatly benefit our health and well being. We are specialized in all-natural remedies based entirely on carefully grown, and selected, medicinal mushrooms. To realize this, we grown our mushrooms in the most pristine areas of Malaysia's pluvial forests without the use of chemical additives.

It is our mission to inform the public on the benefits of medicinal mushrooms by sharing the latest scientific and clinical research that regards medicinal mushrooms. We envision a future in which we can help fund further clinical research to further our understanding of the health benefits of mushrooms. It is important to underline that medicinal mushrooms are considered dietary supplements and do not replace drugs.

If you have never heard of medicinal mushrooms before, then you've come to the right place to learn more about them.

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Ten Mistakes people do with Mshrooms

10 Common mistakes regarding mushrooms

After surfing the web, social media pages and groups we've identified several misconceptions and mistakes regarding mushrooms in general. We've decided to write a short and concise article regarding these issues in order to both help people in avoiding mishaps and making better use of mushrooms.
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Oyster Mushrooms and Cholesterol LDL

Mushrooms and Cholesterol

Anyone who has had , or has, cholesterol problems is familiar with Statins, which are drugs used by millions of people to lower cholesterol levels. However, not everyone knows that these Statins are naturally produced by certian mushrooms such as Pleurotus ostreatus more commonly know as The Oyster Mushroom , making it ideal for people...
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Ganoderma lucidum reishi and inflammations

Mushrooms and Pain Relief

Mushrooms such as Ganoderma lucidum , which is also known as Reishi, are excellent natural remedies against inflammation and pain caused by inflammation (including chronic inflammation) thanks to their balancing action on the immune system. The science behind it: For example, in a 2015 clinical study ( available here ),  Ganoderma lucidum was tested on 64...
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