Auricularia auricula

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Excellent antithrombotic effect

Useful for those suffering from high blood pressure

Helps to compensate for peripheral venous insufficiency

Very effective in combination with Pleurotus ostreatus to promote anti-cholesterol effects


Body Fruit Auricularia auricula supplement:

Fluidizes the blood, useful for the cardiovascular system.

Body Fruit offers a good balance between triterpenes and β-glucans, ideal for those with a first-hand experience with medicinal mushrooms.

E(x)tract Auricularia auricula supplement:

Extract of Auricularia auricula with a concentration of 30% polysaccharides, is an enhanced version of Body Fruit.


Patients being treated with anticoagulant drugs should take this fungus with caution, due to possible synergistic effects.

It cannot be taken by pregnant, nursing or pregnant women.

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Body Fruit 120 Capsule, Body Fruit 60 Capsule, E(x)tract 60 Capsule


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